Paulding Rotary welcomes Calvary Children's Home

CJ MartinBrian Busby from Calvary Children's Home was the guest of the Paulding Rotary. Calvary Children’s Home is a home for children in the Metro Atlanta area that need to live apart from their families. Since 1966, they provide a safe, loving, Christian home for these children while providing them with stable home life. Children entrusted in our care receive the very best skills, education, and values so that they may become responsible, productive members of society. Attending church, local schools, and participating in after-school and community activities provide a sense of normalcy and gives our children experience in the real world.
Calvary Children's Home has had the privilege of offering a home to well over 400 children. Our goal is to provide children with opportunities that challenge and prepare them for life in a difficult and demanding society by showing love, acceptance, understanding, and encouragement.
The future of the Calvary Children’s Home will be, as it always has been, totally dependent on God as He cares for us through the hearts and hands of our friends. We are committed to providing the best possible home to these children but we cannot do the work alone. Your interest and support are also important because of the encouragement it provides. Calvary Children’s Home directly helps boys and girls in crisis experience new beginnings. To donate please go to their website or call 770-794-1500.