Annual Senior Cookout 2022

The Paulding Rotary Club has several long-standing traditions when it comes to providing for the local community. One such tradition is our annual senior cookout, which might possibly be the longest-running annual activity to date. Club members always have a good time grilling the hamburgers and hot dogs for our seniors. Rotary members understand the difference a fresh grill-cooked meal can make for a person who doesn’t get the home-cooked opportunity very often.
Over 50 years and still, grilling and prepping the meals is still a fun activity for club members. Even with the pandemic circumstances over the past couple of years, club members have still found a way to keep this tradition alive. The management of the WellStar Paulding Nursing Center understands the difference such things make to patients. Additionally, the nurses and staff who have been key to helping get the job done (especially with the new procedures in place) also enjoy the meal.
This year Club members again brought everything to the WellStar Paulding Nursing Center in Dallas. The nurses and staff members took the grilled food and preparations for the residents and distributed the meals. Thank you to all those who participated and helped. You made a big difference in a person's life, and that’s what it is all about.grill Senior 2022